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Telephone Support for All Care Givers -- MITSS provide a toll free hotline (1-888-36MITSS or 1-888-366-4877) where staff and volunteers offer physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers encouragement and support as well as:

  • assist callers in identifying support services in their geographic areas
  • identify peers whom they can reach out to for support
  • track information on all calls to ensure that we are continuously meeting callers’ need

Education and Advocacy -- MITSS works with medical organizations to provide education on the emotional impact these events have on staff.  We also encourage healthcare institutions to build infrastructures for peer support for clinicians so that support becomes an integral part of the process following these events. 

Nursing Support Groups -- MITSS has provided support groups for nursing professionals finding themselves at the sharp end of an adverse medical event.  We will continue to grow this service offering as the need arises.

Continuous Program Improvement -- We are continuously trying to identify areas to focus our efforts in order to find better ways of supporting clinicians.

We have a Confidential survey attached to this site which will help us to help you and others dealing with the emotional impact following an adverse event.  If you have been involved in an adverse event, please take a few minutes to complete this short survey.  Your input is critical in developing innovative and effective programs of support for healthcare providers.  Thank you.