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MITSS service offerings for healthcare organizations include: 

  • Facilitating sessions with staff to educate them about the emotional impact of adverse events on patients, families, and caregivers and why emotional support is so crucial for the recovery process.
  • Providing workshops (within Massachusetts) on how to refer patients and families to the MITSS Educational Support Groups.  We assist healthcare organizations with overcoming the barriers that may be impeding referrals for support services after the hospital stay.
  • Consulting with organizational leadership and patient safety champions, helping to identify the steps necessary to build an infrastructure for a peer support model for their caregivers.
  • Partnering with organizations on projects that meet our mutual goals and vision.
  • Sharing our learning thus far on the emotional impact following adverse medical events.
  • Participating in speaking engagements at educational conferences, forums, in-service trainings, etc.  Call us today to schedule a presentation at your event.

For more information on how MITSS can help your organization, please contact via email or for her complete contact information please click here