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Educational Support Groups for Patients and Family Members -- Ongoing therapeutic educational support groups are held in the Chestnut Hill area which is just outside of Boston.  These groups are led by an experienced clinical psychologist.  They assist patients and their families through the healing process in a supportive and caring environment. 

Telephone Hotline Assistance -- We provide a toll free hotline (1-888-36MITSS or 1-888-366-4877) where MITSS staff and volunteers offer support as well as:

  • help callers find support services in their local areas

  • help callers with suggestions for navigating the healthcare system

  • track information on all calls to make sure that we are meeting callers’ needs

MITSS support services for patients and their families are not covered by any insurance plans. However, intake appointments are free of charge, and patients who participate in a group are asked to make a small donation ($10) to the MITSS organization. That donation charge will be waived for anyone who is unable to pay.


Advocacy for Action -- MITSS works with healthcare organizations to provide education and awareness on the emotional impact of these types of events on patients and families.  We advocate for continued support to patients and families beyond the hospital stay. 

We have a survey attached to this site which, with your help, will enable us to do so.  Kindly take a few minutes to complete the survey.   Your input is critical in developing innovative and effective programs of support for patients and family members.  Thank you.